In The Glow Founders


I have had a lifelong passion for Skincare but had never really thought about the ingredients that were in the products that I had grown to love. 

It was was only after I became a mother and I became increasingly conscious of what I was feeding my children and the products I was using on their bodies, that I started to research the products I was applying to my own skin.

Some of what I found was shocking! Many full of ingredients with undesired side effects. I felt let down by the cosmetics industry and annoyed that I had been paying for products full of toxins and potentially harmful ingredients. 

Our skin is our largest organ and since it is porous, it absorbs a lot of what we put on it. I started to dabble in making my own skincare. Along the way I learnt about the amazing and powerful but gentle effects that essential oils, plant extracts and naturally-derived ingredients can have on our skin and senses and my passion was reignited.

My Glow Sisters and I put all of our skills and experience together and "In The Glow Skincare" was born!


A beauty and skincare geek since my teens, and an accredited make-up artist, I was always on to the next make-up trend or beauty gimmick. Slowly learning that some of the most popular market products were full of nasties, I started to switch to more natural alternatives. However, I still felt that the natural skincare market was missing something special. Something fresh and fun, using up-and-coming, exotic ingredients. My naturally entrepreneurial mind started ticking once I learned that it was possible to make my own products, bringing a fresh vibe to the industry..... and I waved Hello to In The Glow!


Being naturally entrepreneurial, I was constantly on the hunt for an idea that I knew would take off and that I could contribute to making a success. Close to Sheleena and Shabina for many years, I'd always hear them discussing skincare and new trends. The moment they lightheartedly mentioned starting to make more of their own products and possibly turning it into a business, that was my eureka moment!